Lavender Language 25 – the Conference Program   (ver 022718)

Friday April 20th 2018

9:00 – 9:15 Registration opens, meet-and-greet, coffee and tea

9:15 am – 12:15 N  

Workshop: Critical Discourse Analysis—An Introduction

            Presenter: David Peterson (University of Nebraska-Omaha)

Graduate Student Work-in-Progress Session

            Moderator: Lucy Jones (University of Nottingham

Students present their research ideas to scholars in the field: all delegates are encouraged to attend to offer feedback

9:15 – 9:20     Lucy Jones   Opening remarks

9:20 – 9:40    Andy Law     Talking beyond the binary: the sociophonetics of Southern English queer and genderqueer speech

9.40-10:10    Aimee Bailey  Discourses of homonormativity in queer women’s media

10:10- 10:30  Simon-Charles Thériault    Belonging and Masculinities Amongst Young “Coloured” Gay Men of Cape Town: The Use of “Gayle” in Creating and Affirming Queer Identities

10:30-10:50     Elvis Coimbra Gomes    Normative Regulations of Discourses about Misunderstood Sexual Obsessions: a Netnographic-Supported Corpus-Assisted Discourse Study

10:50-11:10 Stamatina Katsiveli-Siachou The interrelation of sexual and national identity construction in talk: Greek homosexuality

11:10-11:30 Chloe Willis Phonetic Correlates of Perceived Bisexuality in California English

11:30-11:50 Lotte Verheijen  What women want? A multimodal critical discourse analysis of UK media constructions of female voters

11:50-12:15   Discussion

12:15N -1:30 pm   Luncheon on your own

1:30 – 4:00 pm   Paper Presentations Group 1
Session 1-A Historical Dimensions of Language and Sexuality

Organizer and chair: Heiko Motschenbacher (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Bergen/Florida Atlantic University)

William Leap (Florida Atlantic University) Contextualizing diachronic instability: Examples from US servicemen’s correspondence during World War II

Joyce Milambiling (University of Northern Iowa) “I Have Passion but not a Sick One”

Esra Padgett (CUNY Graduate Center) The Consenting Body: A Historical Approach to Discourses of Sexual Consent

Kate Pashby (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) Policing sexuality: The sterilization of sexually deviant Mexican-American girls in California

Heiko Motschenbacher (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Bergen/Florida Atlantic University) Language use in media coverage before and after coming out: A corpus-based study of texts on Ricky Martin

Session 1-B Homophobic Language

Chair: t.b.a.

Ingram (CUNY Graduate Center) Mic Check One…Two…: Homophobic language by the numbers in Rap music  

Richard Martin (Harvard University)   Down the Reddit Hole: Misogynist and Homophobic Discourse in (Anti-)Social Media

Abigaël Candelas de la Ossa (SUNY at Buffalo) Queer Latinidad in media responses to the 2016 Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting

Giuseppe Balirano (University of Naples l’Orientale) and Angela Pitassi (University of Rhode Island) Virtual Hate Speech is Real Hate Crime: A corpus-based discourse analysis of online user-generated comments against LGBTI+ people

Ellis Hernandez, Ash Shukla, and Shannon Bischoff (Purdue University Fort Wayne ) “They” as a window into ideology: Prescriptivism, gender neutrality, and LGBTQ+ people 

Session 1-C   Coming out stories

Chair: t.b.a.

Ping-Husan Wang (Georgetown University) Can you still get married?: Self-positioning as gay sons in Indian immigrants’ coming-out stories

Elvis Coimbra-Gomes (Queen Mary University of London) Coming Out and Back in Again: Straight SO-OCD Sufferers’ Strategies to Construct Heterosexual identity

Paul Bisagni (American University) Detach[ing] myself from myself”: An Account of a Multilingual Scholar Negotiating Emergent Queer Identity(ies)

Lucy Jones (University of Nottingham) ‘The fact they knew before I did upset me most’: Essentialism and normativity in lesbian and gay youths’ coming out stories

4:00 – 4:15   Break

4:15 – 5:45 PM   Paper Presentations GROUP 2

Session 2-A   Gender and Sexuality in Discourses on Muslims in France and Quebec

Organizer and chair : Adi S. Bharat (University of Manchester)

Denis M. Provencher (University of Arizona) 2Fik’s Deal with the Devil: A Queer and Transfilial Remix of Henri Julien’s “La chasse-galérie” (1906) at Montréal’s Festival TransAmérique (2016)

Edwige Crucifix (Brown University) “Beyond the Veil”: Reading the Rhetoric of Colonial Feminism Today

Adi S. Bharat (University of Manchester) Far-right French Femonationalism and Homonationalism: A Corpus-assisted Critical Discourse Analysis of Marine Le Pen Speeches from 2011-2017

Elizabeth W. Johnstone (University College London) HM2F: A French LGBT Muslim Organization’s Strategic Engagement with State Discourses of Laïcité and “Islam de France”

Session 2-B Representations of Masculinity

Chair: t.b.a.

Alicia Massie  (Simon Frasier)   Roughnecks and cowboy entrepreneurs: Masculinity in the Canadian Oilsands

Eric Russell (University of California – Davis) the structure and form of transgressive masculinity: Enlanguaging the anti-male

Bryce E. McCleary (Oklahoma State University) Variation at the intersection of “gay” and “Oklahoman” identities

Dominique Canning (University of Michigan) The Intersectional Titus Andromedon: Linguistic Performance of a Black, Gay Male Identity in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Session 2-C Representations in print discourse

Chair: t.b.a

Marika Criss and Michael Amory (The Pennsylvania State University) A corpus-based discourse analysis of legal documents surrounding the same-sex marriage debate in the U.S. and Finland

Felipe Leandro de Jesus (Georgetown University)   Criminal sexuality: Semiotic representations of a bisexual defendant in the media

Kate Kedley and Stephanie Abraham (Rowan University) Language and Gender in Picture Books and Graphic Novels

Stina Ericcson (University of Gothaberg) Queering and Unqueering cis: Cis and Gender Stability in Corpus Texts

5:45- 6:00 PM Break

6:00 PM First Plenary Session: Conference welcomes and Introduction from Rhode Island College with Elijah Adiv Edelman (Rhode Island College)

 Plenary Address I : Lal Zimman (University of California- Santa Barbara)

(Trans)Gender(ed) pasts, presents, and futures: Three decades of research on language and trans experience

 Saturday April 21, 2018

9:00 – 12:00 N Paper Presentations GROUP 3

Session 3-A   Queering the Linguistic Landscape

Organizer and chair: Chris VanderStouwe (Boise State University)

Chris VanderStouwe (Boise State University) “You wouldn’t pick up I’m into dudes”: Visual and Discursive Commodity of the Sexual Self in Digital Linguistic Landscapes

Katka Showers-Curtis and Marie Gorman (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Nebulous Within, Sanitized Without: The Queer Linguistic Landscape on Campus

Greg Niedt (Drexel University) A Tale of Two Villages: The Contested Discourses of Place-Making in Central Philadelphia

Jessica Love-Nichols (University of California, Santa Barbara) Pretty in Pink, Dangerous in Camo: Constructing White Working-Class Femininity through Bumper Stickers

Dorcas Zuvalinyenga (University of Newcastle) The gendered linguistic landscape: A case study of street names in Bindura, Zimbabwe

Discussant: Tommaso Milani, University of Gothenburg

Session 3-B Confronting linguistic normativity  

Chair: t.b.a.

Christine Ivanov (Leibniz Universität) Facets of gender and sexuality in discourses on gender fair language

Kirby Conrod (University of Washington) Pronouns in Motion: a typology and methodology for examining dynamic variation

Jordan Tudisco (University of California- Santa Barbara) Queering the French Academy: Reclaiming Linguistic Authority for Trans and Non-Binary People

Sharon Howit-Hendler (SUNY – Albany) Speaking Outside the Binary: Indexing Non-Binary Gender Identity

Sebastian Cordoba (De Montfort University) Non-binary Genders: Language and Identity

Session 3-C   Blogs, Message boards, #-discourses

Chair: t.b.a.

David Peterson (University of Nebraska- Omaha) ‘#ace discourse’: The Messy Boundaries of Queer Belonging in the Blogosphere

Jamo Jantunen (University of Jyväskylä) Gays and straights on discussion forum posts: corpus analysis of digital discourses

Ernesto Cuba (CUNY Graduate Center) and Mariel Acosta (Independent Scholar) Hashtagging sexism in Twitter: The (non) feminist use of #Onvre

Eric Chambers (CUNY Graduate Center) The negotiation of consent among members of a male erotic hypnosis message board

Lily Schaffer (Georgetown University) *They* made it about being gay: heteronormative silencing mechanisms in a queer Facebook group

Darrinn R. Miller  (University of North Texas) “Throwing shade won’t help you shine.” Productivity of source domain in metaphors throwing shade and spill the tea on Twitter and Reddit

12N – 1:00 pm. Lunch break (on site)


1:00 – 2:15 p.m. Second Plenary Session

Plenary Address II : Mie Hiramoto (National University of Singapore)

Mediation and Mediatization of (East) Asian Masculinity

2:15 – 2:30 Break

2:30 – 5:00   Paper Presentations GROUP 4

Session 4-a   Queer Linguistic Futures: Linguistic Insurgents and Homonormativity

Organizers: Brian Adams-Thies (University of Arizona- North Valley) and Sean Nonnenmacher (University of Pittsburgh)

Chair: Sean Nonnemacher (University of Pittsburgh)

Brian Adams-Thies (University of Arizona – North Valley) No Longer the Solitary Vice: Bators, Bonding, and Homonormativity

Nell Haynes (Northwestern University) Masculinity and Mestizaje: Discursive constructions of gender and race in northern Chilean memes

Müge Yerdenler (University of Heidelberg) Verbal Identity Construction in the Istanbul Pride Parades: An examination of the discursive strategies of the community in the Pride Parades

John McCollough (University of South Carolina) Obfuscation or inclusion: Hawaiian creole as used by the queer community

Sean Nonnemacher (University of Pittsburgh) Linguistic insurgency: queer and trans adolescent discourse in new media

Session 4-B   Challenging patriarchy

Madeline C. Montgomery, Margaret Thorsen, Kate M. Guthrie, and Megan L. Ranney (Division of Infectious Diseases, The Miriam Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island) A Feminist Analysis of Motivations for Aggression in Interviews with High-risk Adolescent Girls

Maryam Enjavinezhad (Independent Scholar)  Power Relations, Family Structures, and Femininity Identities; A New Perspective on Medieval Women’s Status in the Context of Religion

Lisa Armstrong (Carleton University) Sexual Violence Gone Underground? The Implications of Awareness

Nikki Lane (Independent scholar) The Ethnography of Rachet

Sessison 4-C   Let’s talk about PrEP (baby): Public discourses of HIV prevention.

Organizer and chair: Sharif Mowlabocus (University of Sussex)

Ben Aslinger (Bentley University) PrEP and the Sensuality of Touch, Connection, and Care

Sharif Mowlabocus (University of Sussex) What a Skewed Sense of Values”: Discussing PreP in the British Public Sphere

Greg Niedt (Drexel University) PrEP Talk: Shifting the Narratives of the Terrifying Sublime

James Carvious (Missouri Western State University) Popping Pills and Spending Dollar Bills: The Positive and Negative Relationship of PrEP on the Televisual Landscape

5:00 – 6:00   Paper Presentations GROUP 6: Poster Presentations

Colleen Mertes (University of Alaska – Fairbanks) Challenging male sexual dominance and asserting female sexuality through rugby songs 

Elsibet Sipayung (National Chioa Tung University, Hong Kong) Sexual Orientation Perception Through Lesbian Bisexual (LB) Speech

Hannah Dahlberg-Dodd  (Ohio State University) Orthographic Variation and “You”: Imagining the Readership of Japanese yuri Comics

Ashley Pahis (Pennsylvania State University) Acoustic characteristics of gay male speech in Spanish

Danniel Carvalho and Ari Sacramento (Federal University of Bahia) Introducing a (Not So) Neutral Pronoun in Brazilian Portuguese

Sunday April 22

9:00 – 11:00 a.m.  Paper Presentations GROUP 7

Session 7-A Multilingual, Transnational, (G)localizing (Part A)  

Chair: t.b.a.

Tomaso Milani (University of Gothenburg) and Erez Levon (Queen Mary College, University of London) Multilingual Sexualities in South Africa

Taralee Morgan (DePaul University) Lesbian Lingo: Slang Terminology in English and Spanish Spoken by Lesbian Communities in the United States

Damien Mooney (University of Bristol) Queer Speech in Europe and Canada: Production, Perception, and Language Change

M J Jones and Stephanie Niaupari (Gallaudet University)   Uniformed Model of LGBT Experiences Vs. Self-Identification of Individuals/Groups Lack of Inclusivity in International Development Discourse

Session 7-B Phonetic Analyses of LGBTQ speech

Ryan Redmond (University of California-Davis) Imitation[s] or hyperarticulation[s]?: The role of the voiceless alveolar fricative in Japanese queer identity performance

Lex Konnelly (University of Toronto) “I’m just making an update video”: Monologic inter-subjectivity and the stylistic use of creaky voice in non-binary transition vlogs

Cuddy Salina (University of York) “It is like we’re more of a family than a team”: /s/ production in a women’s football team

Dominique Bouvatich (University of Michigan) The Role of Social Expectation in the Perception of Gay Speech

11:00 – 11:15 am  Break

 11:15 – 12:30 pm Third Plenary Session


  Plenary Address III Margot Weiss (Wesleyan University)

 Queer Otherwise: Making Knowledge at the Boundaries of Academia and Activism

12:30 N – 1:30 pm   Luncheon (on site)

 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm   Paper presentations GROUP 8

Session 8-A Multilingual, Transnational, (G)localizing (Part B)

Kaixi Cathay Wang (City University of Hong Kong) Losing me is her loss’ – narrating agency among post-reform Chinese lesbians

Elizabeth Pfeiffer (Rhode Island College) The Power of Words: HIV/AIDS, Stigma, and the (Re)Production of Gender and Sexual Politics in Kenya

Osobna Bolane and Ezekial Bolaje (independent scholars) Yoruba proverbs: Sexuality and sexual behaviors

Jose Antonio Jodar Sanchez (SUNY Buffalo/Universitat de Barcelona)  Sexuality in Goytisolo’s Antagonia: Fluidity, Subversion and Conservatism

3:30 p.m. Final remarks, conference wrap-up and farewells